LightPro Audit

Are you happy with your auditing tool?A� How long does it takeA�to collectA�data, enter it crunchA�numbers, estimate costs and savings, and createA�thatA�proposal? We betA�it’s too long!

We know because we’re in the lighting business too.A�We knowA�how frustrating it is to learn a competitor wonA�the job because he submittedA�his proposalA�before you. You put inA�extra time to do your best, andA�woundA�up looking like a flake because you were late.

Imagine software created by people who do your job andA�understand your pain. That’s LightPro.

Imagine software thatA�remembers your preferences,A�works the way you want, and anticipates your next steps instead of forcing you to work the some computer geek thinks is better. That’s LightPro.

LightPro offers a host time-savingA�features that eliminateA�the repetitive work and remember what you’veA�doneA�already. You can copy previous ECM’s spaces, entire buildings, or even a campus. You canA�create a catalog ofA� preferred ECMs as you go, so you can specifyA�with a single tap on any future job.A� LightPro willA�slash your audit-to-proposal times by up to 90%, fromA�days or weeks to hours.(actual customer feedback)

Wea��re so confidentA�that ifA�try LightPro Audit, you’ll want to keep going. SoA�wea��ll let you try it for a month without any up costs and without risking a penny. You can perform asA�manyA�audits you wish. That way, you will see for yourself why it’s going to make you more money in less time. .

You have 3 options: Watch the video here or attend aA�liveA�interactive demo on-line, or use it yourself toA�create professional lookingA�proposals,A�estimates, and other reports (if there’s aA�special you want, we can create it for youA�in a couple of hours for a small fee.)

IfA�youa��re ready to close more deals andA�make more money with less work, try it without risk.
NoA�set up,A�training,A�or customizationA�feesA�(unless youA�need somethingA�special.)
Cancel anytime withA�one month’s notice.

We’re betting that like most of our customers,A�you’ll continue afterA�the trial.
If not, we’ll give your data back, and you’llA�pay nothing.

LightPro’s proposalsA�grabs attention.A� Good Faith Estimates tell the whole story onA�oneA�page

WhichA�do you prefer?A� With LightPro, You getA�both

Once you’ve entered (on site or in the office) your existing conditions andA�proposedA�energy conservation measures, LightPro will calculate costs, incentives,A�savings,A�tax andA�financial costs and benefits and present themA�a professional investment-grade proposal orA�one-page summary.A� You can addA�your logo andA�customer info,A�a cover letter with your wording, a cost of waiting page, and disclaimers allA�written in your own words with data embedded.A�IncludeA�pages for project details,A�photos and cut sheets if you wish. OmitA�any page you don’t want on a proposal by proposal basis.A�All of these options areA�set up by you asA�defaults with the free tools we provide. You can enter and revise them at will. AndA�you can override them on a project by project basis when you wish.


* Why we can say we feel your pain: Our founderA�owns and runs his lighting retrofitA�firmA�in California whereA�energy requirements areA�strictest andA�complicated incentiveA�programs change daily.A� He began his career as an architect, acquiredA�decades of commercial software development and publishing experience, before starting PowerDown Lighting SystemsA�over 14 years ago.

LightPro was developedA�for our own business, andA�after showing it to retrofitters throughout the U.S., we realized we’d ratherA�provideA�tools to our fellowA�professionalsA�than compete. So weA�incorporated every best practice weA�learned or found into it.A� Our single goal is toA�helpA�youA�do more and better business.

And by the way, if you need an auditA�or laborA�in other parts of the country, we we regularly introduce or refer our customers to each other to collaborate. Give us a call orA�visit ourA�Exchange pages to find resources that canA�help you.