Go ahead. Kick our tires for 30 days!

iPad, Account Setup, and 3 hour training required

How it Works

  • Complete the form and choose a training date below
  • We'll email a questionnaire, download instructions, and custom catalog submission spreadsheet to you
  • Return the questionnaire and spreadsheet to gshell@lightprosoftware.com and install the software when instructed by email
  • With the LightPro Audit software pre-installed on your device, attend the class you selected*
  • Go forth and audit for the next 30 days
  • If you’re not satisfied by the end of your evaluation, and you’ve met your commitment terms**(see below), stop using it and tell us why you want to cancel. We'll remove your account and you won’t pay a cent

Sign up as many people as you wish.  There is no cost if you don't continue after the 30 days. If you do continue, you pay for the trial month and keep going.  There is no minimum term and just a month' notice required to cancel.

You’ll get …

  • Free setup, customization, and creation of a custom catalog
  • Free 3 hour live training on-line
  • Free return of your audit data in a spreadsheet if you want
    Just fill out the form below.

**Your Commitment Terms

(you must meet these to maintain the no-risk offer)

  • Attend your scheduled class with the software installed
  • Complete the 3 hour training session without distraction (recording provided afterward for future reference)
  • 30 days begins the first business day following your training
  • Complete at least 2 complete audits. Perform as many more as you wish. Call for free help if you need it.
  • Synch every day you use LightPro to insure you have the latest versions.
  • Agree to our Service Agreement.

If you keep your commitment and ultimately decide not to continue, stop using LighPro and notify us within 2 weeks following your trial period. We will close your account, return your audit data in a spreadsheet, and erase it from our servers. If you identify another vendor, they should be able to import your spreadsheet so your investment of time is preserved.

There’s nothing to lose if you keep your commitment**

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If you prefer, you can request a link to a recorded training class (approximately 3 hours.)

Choose “I prefer the recording” at the bottom of the dates to the left, and we'll send a link by email when we’ve confirmed your information.