LightPro Field is lighting project management the way it should be. Here’s how it works.

Once your proposal has been accepted, you already have the project’s starting point stored in the cloud. One click will urn it into a work order, which then can be monitored and updated by your foreman or project manager as the job progresses. If you sub-contract the labor, that contract can use it to run the job efficiently and provide you with eyes and ears on site.

If you want to keep your ESCOs or customers up to date, the information you choose to show them can be available via a secure web portal they can from anywhere with permission. All under your control.

Thanks to LightPro’s central database in the cloud, everyone with a need to know can stay informed and communicate to complete the job efficiently, proactively solve problems thanks to early warning, and report progress and problems daily.

Have you ever been unpleasantly surprised by a change that should have been billed as a change order, but wasn’t? With LightPro, changes are captured and the people who need to know are notified. Every incident or event can recorded in the field (with pictures or notes) or off-site and made available to everyone with a need to know.

  • Labor can be assigned and results can be captured by worker, location, ECM and date.
  • Material can be monitored, with deliveries, returns and back orders captured.
  • Notes about incidents, accidents, inspections, and deliveries can be entered and available to people on site, in the back office, the warehouse, or even third parties.
  • When the project is complete, the as-built data is available to create rebate applications or import to M & V programs, lighting control software, or BIM software.

No more omissions or mistakes due to faulty data transcription. LightPro robust database can become the central hub of your project information system.

Your installation teams will operate at peak efficiency and LightPro will remember all the details for you!

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